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External MOH Audio Server for CCM

Hi there,

Has anyone deployed an External MOH Service in a CCM IPT Environment, other than runnig it on the CCM itself or Local routers.

Thanks in advance.


Re: External MOH Audio Server for CCM

Our MOH server has CCM installed, but it's not setup to register phones or anything else. All it handles is MOH.

Re: External MOH Audio Server for CCM

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Re: External MOH Audio Server for CCM

Hello there, I see that this question is about 4 years old now.  I have the same exact question.  Has anyone deployed any MOH servers other than the local router or a CUCM server?  I've tried using VLC to multicast, it works but the music sounds garbled.  The MOH file is the file straight from the CUCM MoH server so I know it's not a transcoding issue and it works fine off the router.

In VLC the only way I can hear anything on the phones is if I get it to serve the file as a RTP stream to the multicast address without any transcoding enabled.  Has anyone out there dabbled with this at all?  The client just wants to be able to change the music on the fly and they don't have access to the router, VLC would have been perfect if not for the garbled audio. 

By the way, the VLC server only has one link, so it's not a load balancing issue on NIC teaming....

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