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External Number Mask

I have a client that requires a simple configuration setup.

They are currently preenting their main switchboard number when any user dials out of the organisation. This is currently being acheived with the  "Calling Party Transform Mask" being populated with the main number in the route patterns.

There is a requirement for an individual to present their unique extension number when dialing out. I have populated the users line External phone number mask with their DDI and have also tried to tick the "Use Calling Party's Extneal Phone Nnumber Mark field" but that does not seem to apply the users extension.

I am doing the debugs on the router so I know it has not been manipulated by the Service Provider.

Any ideas how I can do this?

If I remove the Calling Party Transform Mark number then I can see the users extension number passing through, but this will enable all users extensions to be visible.

Thanks in adavnce.

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Re: External Number Mask


You need to use two different route pattern and use Partition and CSS to control.

The users who need their DID to show up to external users should use Router-Pattern which does not use calling number transformation mask, but has use external calling mask enabled

And all other users should use your exiting route-pattern.

To simplify the config, you can create a partion say pt-showDID, put the newly created route-pattern which will be copy of your existing, but does not have calling transformation mask to this pt-showDID partition. Create a CSS say css-showDID, add the pt-showDID to it. Apply the css-showDID to the specific phone's line you want DID to show.

Hope this helps.

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