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External phone number mask in CDR


Currently am running cucm version 6.1.2 and my requirement is in CDR i have to get the extension and external phone number mask;

i have extension with 1001 and DID 22258400 and if i made a call from extension i have to get the DID and extension in the CDR file, its required for the billing software acrually.

I came thru one cisco doc (CDR Admin guide for cucm 7.1.2 -


and there i could see a new field outpulsedcalling party , but i tested the same in cucm 7.0.1 but that field was blank.

My test:I configured the extension 1001, configured the external phone number mask 22258400 and checked the field in the route pattern , use external phone number mask under the calling party transformation. While checking the CDR the out pulsed calling party field is blank.

Much appreciated if any one can help me to resolv this; i want the extension 1001 and also the external phone number mask 22258400 in the CDR.



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Hello Hudaifasn,

Hello Hudaifasn,

Were you able to resolve this issue???

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I'm having this issue also,

I'm having this issue also, it is related to using the Calling party transformation CSS in the Device Pool to manipulate Caller ID by Device Pool instead of the route group or Ext Mask.  I've tested that removing the setting the Device Pool corrects the behavior.

If you have anything to share that would be great - at least before I have to redesign the whole dial plan...

Hoping Cisco didn't just drop the ball on this feature and it's actually usable.

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