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External Route Plan Wizard

The System Guides for CCM 5.X mention this but is no where to be found. The Administrator guide does not discuss it. It does, however, discuss the dial plan installer. This section talks about COP files that can be downloaded and the Dial Plan Guide. My question about that is, how are these files supposed to be used? Only for foreign countries? I did not see a dial plan that could be downloaded and installed for US/North America. What is the best practice? Is there a canned dial plan that I can download and install for use in North America?


Re: External Route Plan Wizard

North American DialPlan or NANP is installed on CallManager by default. If you wish to use the North American Numbering plan, you can configure the Route Pattern to use @. This includes all the options available under NANP.

You can refer the following link to configure Route Patterns based on NANP.

Even though this document states CM 3.x or 4.x, the same can be used with CM 5.x as well.


Re: External Route Plan Wizard

Ok. I see now. The dial plan that you install and use determines what @ matches? That makes sense. I was thinking along the lines of a canned set of patterns. Such that instead of building them every time for a new site or install. For example in the System Guide table 17-11 describes how to write route filters for typical scenarios; 7 digit local dialing, Domestic LD, etc. I would like to script that some how. Thoughts?


Re: External Route Plan Wizard

If these patterns would be accessible by everyone on the system, you can leave the Partition on the Route Pattern blank. Once this is done, it would be accessible from every phone. This is not the recommended way of doing it, but for sure the simplest way of doing it.

Another Alternative would be to add the Partition that is assigned to these Route Patterns to the CSS that would be assigned to the Phones.

These are the common options. Though, everything at the end depends on how the system is setup and how you use Partitions/CSS . It would be tough for us to give you the exact thing to do as of now.

The Last alternative of the above 2 does not suit would be to copy the Route Pattern, make the necessary changes (For example if you would be used a local GW at the new site).

Hope this helps