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FAC's Reports on MEIPS


am running CCM 5.1 and using MEIPS 3.x for billing. however am not able to generate reports based on forced authorization codes. some one mentioned that this is possible if the CCM sends the FAC's together with CDRs. this i suppose is not happening which i thought by default it should. i will appreciate a get-around from someone.



Re: FAC's Reports on MEIPS

you can use query analyzer to get the information on BAT.

From Publisher, You can go to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server ->Query Analyzer and login using Windows Authentication. In the toolbar menu, make sure that you select the currect database which is CCMXXXX, and in the

query window type: "select description, code, authorizationlevel from FACInfo" and now execute the query by clicking on the green arrow button in toolbar menu. You can copy the information into excel or notepad and save it.

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Re: FAC's Reports on MEIPS


i want to integrate MEIPS with CCM 5.1, but i don't know the username and password that i cau use in sftp session.

If it's possible, send me config of integration between MEIPS and CCM

thanks at advance.

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Re: FAC's Reports on MEIPS


After setting all the required fields in the MEIPS -> PBX1 -> Configuration, please start the MEIPS SFTP Server (you can find it in the MEIPS installation directory: SFTPServer.exe) go to CCM admin site and select Cisco Unified Service then from the menu select Tools -> CDR Management and add the destination path for the CDRs to be copied into. i have attached some screen shots.


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Re: FAC's Reports on MEIPS


thanks for reply.

I want to ask you if perhaps you have any cibled documentation about MEIPS, because its very dificult for me to configure it.

Also, when i have finished the integration, and i make some calls and i want to check at MEIPS ,i found anything.

Also, my requirement is to define budgets and alarms when the user overuses the budegt.

all of this things cannot be configured easily, it requirs some helps.

Best regards

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