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Failed Conversation

When I am on the phone with another user with a 7911 phone in the middle of the conversation, you can not hear the other person. Is says Temp Fail on my phone and I can see the time counting like the call is still active. I can not hear the other person. The problem is the other person's phone how can I fix this?

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Re: Failed Conversation

Temporary failure indicates that the gateway through which the call is going through deregistered with CallManager, so Call Preservation is in effect.The CallManager no longer has control over that call from the gateway point of view, so you won't be able to activate supplementary services, but the call should stay up is this a H323 or MGCP, if MGCP, double check when you get this temp failure msg, the MGCP GW is still registered with CCM

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Re: Failed Conversation

How do I check to see if it is H323 or MGCP ?

If this is something affecting the gateway why does it not affect other phones?

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