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Failed to upgrade the firmware on Cisco 7965 phone.

I did few individual phones firmware upgrade several months ago and it was ok.

I am trying to do it again to some phones but the phone is not upgrading.

Here are some steps that I took

I have uploaded new firmware (SCCP45.8-5-4S) on UCM 6.1 several months ago. 

Currently the device default firmware for 7965 in “device default” in UCM is SCCP45.8-3-5S (old firmware).  The rest of the phones are still in old firmware.

My phone and few others have the new firmware (SCCP45.8-5-4S).

Now, I am trying to upgrade another phone.

·         I open the phone profile for this new phone

·         Put the new firmware (SCCP45.8-5-4S) on this new phone profile on “Phone Load Name”

·         Reset the phone

The phone is not upgrading after I did 3 steps above. Is there anything that I miss?

Thanks for the inputs


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