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Fax Configuration Sample

<p>HI all hope you doing well,</p>

<p> </p>

<p>SO i hav a Fax machine attached to my Cisco Router using an FXS port and my Fax line is via the FXO line</p>

<p>i have done the following configuration but it seems not working :</p>

<p>Convention ===> Port FXS 0/0/0<br />

                      ===> Port FXO 1/1/1  <br />

<br />

dial-peer voice 1 pots<br />

destination-pattern 9.T<br />

fax rate voice</p>

<p>port 1/1/1<br />

<br />

dial-peer voice 1 pots<br />

destination-pattern 1234 <== Le numéros de ton fax<br />

port 0/0/0</p>

<p>Can anyone plz post a sample configuration !!</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>

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Re: Fax Configuration Sample

Hi, no additional configuration is needed. In fact, you don't even need "fax rate voice".

Re: Fax Configuration Sample



If you're doing simple pots-to-pots you should have much of a problem.  Take fax rate voice off, as it's unnecessary for your configuration.  Othen that, this could be a working configuration.


Make sure your voice card doesn't have 'no local-bypass' under voice-card 0.  (local bypass is on by default).


From here you probably just have a simple dial peer problem.  Do a 'debug voip ccapi inout' and see what the incoming called number is for incoming faxes, and change your destination pattern.  For outgoing calls, use a plain analog phone and determine exactly which digits you need to use (with or without a 1, any access codes, 7/10 digit dialing, etc).


What exactly is the problem you have?




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Re: Fax Configuration Sample

Hi Nick thanks for your reply, he porblem is that even without the fax rate voice DISABLED it doesn't work i can receive a Fax call.

Re: Fax Configuration Sample

If you plug an analog phone into the port instead of a fax machine does it ring?  This probably not a problem specific to faxing.



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