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FAX connected to FXS with an incoming SIP DID number


I have got a fax machine connected to fxs on Cisco call manager express,
I have got a SIP trunk set up on the Cisco box and a  DID number for FAX, so basically a sip call will come in and connect to the fxs and fax,
problem I have got is outgoing faxes work with T38 standard (as provider says) setup on voice servive voip, but incoming faxes doesn't work at all !,
Do I need to have special config to get this working ?
Here is the config :

voice service voip
allow-connections h323 to h323
allow-connections h323 to sip
allow-connections sip to h323
allow-connections sip to sip
supplementary-service h450.12
no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily
no supplementary-service sip refer
fax protocol t38 ls-redundancy 0 hs-redundancy 0 fallback pass-through g711alaw
no fax-relay sg3-to-g3
  registrar server expires max 3600 min 3600
  localhost dns:abc.local
  no update-callerid

credentials username xxxx password 7 xxxx realm
authentication username xxxxpassword 7 xxxx
no remote-party-id
retry invite 2
retry register 10
timers connect 100
registrar ipv4: expires 3600
sip-server ipv4:

dial-peer voice 30 pots
destination-pattern 8370
port 0/0/1
no sip-register

dial-peer voice 1 pots
preference 7
port 0/0/1

voice-port 0/0/1
ring cadence define 50 10
no echo-cancel enable
playout-delay fax 60
cptone AU
timeouts wait-release 1
impedance 600c
station-id number 8370
caller-id enable

New Member

Re: FAX connected to FXS with an incoming SIP DID number

don't you need to configure a "dial-peer voice x voip" for the voip call leg?

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