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Fax Server with H.323 gateway

Hello guys...

i need help to setup this design....

i have cucm 7 and h.323 gateway for pstn calls.

i have fax server and ip phoens that having same extension:

phone 1:  1111

fax server 1:  1111

phone 2 :  1212

fax server 2:  1212

from H.323 gateway what dial-peers needed to flow incoming fax and voice calls on these numbers?

how gateway will identify that the call is for voice or fax?

fax server is integrated with cucm and sip trunk!

thanks in advance...!

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Re: Fax Server with H.323 gateway


The only way to have a phone and a sip trunk device ring at the same time is using mobility (remote destination).

The gateway cannot determine if a call is a fax or voice call prior to answering the call. Unless there is an Ivr script you can run on the gateway that answers all calls, determines what call type it is and then forward the call to either fax or phone (on different numbers).

So I would think this cannot be done. You need to assign different numbers to your phone and faxes.

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Re: Fax Server with H.323 gateway

thanks dear...!

but tell me what dial-pper should use for this configuration if using different numbers?

if use the same number with different partitions then would be possible or not?

please help..if possible...should be use pass-through or relay...


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Re: Fax Server with H.323 gateway


No you cannot have the same number reachable from the same gateway in two partitions.

On your dialpeer pointing to e cucm add a "fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redun 0 hs-redun 0 fallback passthrough G711ulaw" and a, fax rate 14400, fax ECM disable and fax sg3-tog3 (something like this, commands from top of mind)

This also requires your fax server to support t.38 and / or g711ulaw.

Also make sure the outbound calls match on the inbound dialpeer so outbound calls are also permitted to use t.38



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