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fax software no able to receive fax through IP2IP GW


We have GFI fax server connected through XCapi to 2811. 2811 is acting as IP2IP GW with one set of h323 dial-peers towards XCapi and the other set of h323 dial-peers towards Telephony provider. When I want to recevice fax on XCAPI it works fine (h245 tunneling has to be disabled on XCAPI). However when I want to send it to PSTN, it doesn-t work (both if XCAPI has h245 tunneling enabled or disabled). Provider takes only tunneled h245 signalling. I also have NAT configured on the interface towards the provider. I tried all possible combinations (h245 slow, fast start, applying h323-gateway voip commands to both LAN and WAN interface, applying voice class h323 on dial peers but no luck).... Fax is sent fine from XCAPI to the fax residing on CME's ATA (not traversing provider's network)

Please any suggestion is welcomed

best regards

Goran Pilat

here' s the config >

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