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Fax solutions

I am in the process of provisioning a system from a customer and got an interesting request. Here is the scenario:

An employee has 1 DID phone number. If that number is dialed, somehow the system knows if it is a phone call (rings the phone) or a fax (sends to the fax server to eventually end up in outlook). The prospective customer says he has heard of other PBXs that do this, and I'm trying to figure out a solution through CUCM. I've looked into Cisco Fax server and xmedious, but cannot find detail on this functionality. Does anyone have any insight into whether this is possible? Thanks.

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Re: Fax solutions

I know this is possible with T37 and Cisco Unity

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Re: Fax solutions

Yes, this is called Fax tone detection. It is not 100% accurate as it relies on a TCL script to auto-detect the FAX "handshake" CNG tone. Some older fax machines do not emit this tone and some fax machines may not emit it within the time window that the TCL script is programmed to "listen" to the line.

This means that some faxes will be routed to voicemail or not completed.

XMedius would be the best company to further explore this.

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