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Fax Store and Forward T.37 conf issue

Dear friends,

I have tried to configure the on-ramp configuration so to sum up my needs:

I want to receive a fax message on email address only (no sending faxs) so i have plug in my fax line into an FXO port and i type in the following configuration:

ip domain name

fax receive called-subscriber $d$

fax interface-type fax-mail

mta send server X.X.X.X port 25

mta send subject "Fax From 71942460"

mta send origin-prefix FAX

mta send postmaster

mta send mail-from hostname

mta send mail-from username $s$

mta send return-receipt-to username $s$


service onramp flash:app_faxmail_onramp.


service fax_detect flash:app_fax_detect.


dial-peer voice 71942 pots

service onramp

incoming called-number 0021674123123



dial-peer voice 646 mmoip

service onramp out-bound

max-conn 48

information-type fax

session target

image encoding MH

image resolution fine


dsn success

dsn failure


So when i'm trying to send fax msg from a fax machine i get a busy tone each time so can anyone help to figure this thing out thanks in advance


Re: Fax Store and Forward T.37 conf issue

When acting as the on-ramp gateway, the Cisco gateway receives faxes from end users, converts them into TIFF files, creates standard MIME e-mail messages, attaches the TIFF files to the e-mail messages, and forwards the fax-mail messages to the designated SMTP server for storage.

The gateway uses the sending MTA and dial peers to complete these tasks. The sending MTA, which is the Cisco gateway, defines delivery parameters associated with the e-mail message to which the fax TIFF file is attached. The delivery parameters include defining a return e-mail path or designating a destination mail server.

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