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Feature Questions CCME 8

Howdy ;-),


since the answers given in previous post solved alot of my issues , i have some other questions , maybe someone can help me with that


- have a Cisco 2821 ,router with 50 phones connected 

we have several departments :

sales , purchase , it , etc etc .. now i have created pickup groups , so when a phone rings , people can pickup the phone , press a button 

and the call gets redirected to the person .. however the sales department , cannot see if the purchasedepartment is occupied and visa versa 

what i want to do is to if u call a person directly , but the phone does not answer , the call needs to be directed to rest of the persons inside the group , if that group does not answer it needs to be transferred to sales ..

( purchase consists of 5 phones , sales consists of 10 phones )


while the customer is calling our company i want to use the MOH , however im looking for an option that does not involve making the audio files itself , eg streaming or a mini plug so i can create a music source .. i found out alot features for streaming but nothing really hands on what i might need , anyone have an idea ?



For MOH you could seehttp:/

For MOH you could see


And use a IBN server that play music.

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Gerardo ,  thank you for your

Gerardo , 


thank you for your reply , im aware of the MOH from cisco , i was wondering if there was a case in which like the cisco can get connected to a SONOS , bridge or a shoutcast server so i can create a playlist for the MOH while my waiting customers , im unaware of an IBN server , or what that does


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