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Find my CCM model - Remotely

Please, need to find out what MCS server my customer has, using my VNC connection. I know my server is a MCS-7835, but that's all I know. Need to know if this is a 7835-H or I, etc, etc.

How can I get this info remotely, if possible.


Re: Find my CCM model - Remotely

Hi Juan,

On all Cisco MCS images, except for the Unity image, the HP diagnostics and configuration record utilities should be preinstalled. On reasonably recent versions, they are accessible right from the Start menu. Go to

the Start menu, to HP Information Center, then to Diagnostics for Windows

to start the diagnostics utility. In the utility, go to the Categories

menu, to Asset Control, and at the bottom of the screen select the 'More'

option. This will show the system serial number.

Please note that that procedure is for servers based on HP platform.

There is not a similar procedure for IBM servers.

You can use systeminfo from DOS to gather more details.


New Member

Re: Find my CCM model - Remotely

Thanks so much for your help, but I had been working with this utility and see s/n and all of that, but I can not see the model of the server (something like MCS-7835-H.....).


Juan Salgado

New Member

Re: Find my CCM model - Remotely

try to search in registry



Re: Find my CCM model - Remotely

Hola Juan,

Send me the SN and I can look for it in our DB

New Member

Re: Find my CCM model - Remotely

There you go. This is the S/N EAA2MKP23F.

Thanks in advance

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