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Finding a phone using Device Mobility

Hi there. I manage a 6.1(3) cluster of about 9000 handsets. We use Device Mobility for nearly all phones as it helps us with handset relocation which occurs frequently.

My problem is that I have no way of finding handsets that have received a particular Device Pool from Device Mobility. The Device Pool Dependency Records do not show the devices and you cant search on registered IP Address.

Can anyone help or do I have to write a custom application?




Re: Finding a phone using Device Mobility

Hi Mike,

Let me see if I understand correctly, u want to search the device names of an specific device thta Device Mobility is either Default or ON ?

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Re: Finding a phone using Device Mobility

Not quite. All of our phones are enabled for Device Mobility and are always roaming. As such, we only configure a phone in one of two Home Device Pools (DP) which specifies the CM Group only. All the rest of the configuration is propogated by Device Mobility. Unfortunately when you do a show Dependency record of the actual allocated DP, it shows no devices as the configured DP is one of the two Home DP's.

There is therefore no way to search for devices that have been allocated a partucular DP via Device Mobility even though it shows the number of members in the DP configuration. Searching on IP address could solve this problem but it is not possible within CCM Admin.

My immediate problem is that I have a Device Pool I want to delete but I cannot because there is still one member left in it but it does not show in the Dependency records. How am I going to find this device in a list of 9000? manually look at IP Addresses?




Re: Finding a phone using Device Mobility

You can either start using AXL and do DB searches or run simple sql queries like:

admin:run sql select name from Device where tkstatus_devicemobilitymode == '1'

This will work if in the device itself Device Mobility is set to 1, otherwise

0 for OFF or 2 for Default value.

also use:

run sql select tkstatus_devicemobilitymode from Device where name == 'Devicename'

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