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Fire alarm

Hi experts,

is there any way to implement fire alrm system system using ccm and ip phones.

That means, if any emergency situation ,anyperson in organisation can call one specific number and he should connected with all other ip phones in the organisation should auto answer this call and he can speak this situation to everybody in one shot

Thanks in advance

VIP Purple

Re: Fire alarm

This functionality is not built-in the Callmanager, but can be added through 3rd party products. Take a look at Berbee's InformaCast.

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Re: Fire alarm

Hi bbuffin,

I am new in JTAPI, so can you give me some advices such as:tutorial , tools that I need to have to create my own application on CCM.

I have already got Cisco JTAPI Developer Guide for CCM 3.3(2).

Do I need to download any tool kit from Cisco like Cisco IP Services Software Development Kit (SDK)?

Thanks for your help !!!

VIP Purple

Re: Fire alarm

Yes, the SDK will be very helpful as you start to develop IP phone apps. There are some sample apps included with the SDK to get you started. You might also want to take a look at the IP Phone Services for Developers forum here:

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Re: Fire alarm

MeetingPlace also has this capability, could also dial cell phones, etc.

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