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Fixed audio source for MOH - Call Manager


We have Call Manager 3.3(4) connected to a standalone MOH server. Everything works fine expect when people call into our offices on cell phones and are placed on hold. They report that the MOH stream breaksup/generates static for them. This issue is not observed/reported by people calling in using land lines. This is not making sense and looking for help in troubleshooting. Thanks!

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Re: Fixed audio source for MOH - Call Manager

I have a client with the came issue using CCME 4.2


Re: Fixed audio source for MOH - Call Manager

I'm also having the same problem, internally on my VOIP phones I might hear the music cut out, but no static.

Test calls made from cell phones (haven't tested landlines) get skipping music and static, the static isn't always in the same part of the song.

I used an mp3 to encode to G711, G722 and G729, only the G711 is currently selected to play.

The closest thing I have come across to help identify this issue is the sampling rate, which I don't have a lot of control over using CCM 4.x. Along with the sampling rate, mp3's sample differently then a wav file, and the mp3 could be the issue.

But I'm not going to upload a new source and push it out having 4000 phones reset without knowing for sure.

Hope this helps get our issue resolved.

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