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Fixing International Dialing Issues with Unified CallManager Express (CME)

There is a well known but little documented problem with outbound dialing to International numbers with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. We recently ran into the same issues so I thought I would publish the quick fix to the problem here for your information.

PROBLEM: CME sends international calls as Unknown call type or International call type depending on the number dialed. The carrier is likely looking for one type or the other. When a CME user places the call, they get a "you are calling a number that is no longer working..." which is not a CME error message. The carrier is receiving all digits correctly.

SOLUTION: Force the call type to a value the carrier is expecting.

1. Create a set of translation rules (globally)

voice translation-rule 10

rule 1 /\(.*\)/ /\1/ type any unknown

voice translation-profile PRI-INTERNATIONAL-OUT

translate called 10

2. Apply the translation rules to the dial-peer (note dial-peer is truncated)

dial-peer voice 9011 pots

translation-profile outgoing PRI-INTERNATIONAL-OUT

Happy configurations!


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Re: Fixing International Dialing Issues with Unified CallManager


Also, probably you have a north american ISDN switch configured, because for all switch types except DMS, the numbering type is never changed from the default of unknown.

Also, just to let you know, if you want to set numbering type, you can do that directly from the DP, no need for a translation rules.

Finally, note you rule can be written more concisely as:

rule 1 // // type any unknown

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Re: Fixing International Dialing Issues with Unified CallManager

Thank you for the input! Interestingly enough I did exactly what you suggested first as it seemed to be the easiest method (under the DP). However, I had the telco do a call trace and it was still reporting as International.

Also thanks for the rule. I guess I overthought the rule a little. Plus mine looks cooler =) Thanks!

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Re: Fixing International Dialing Issues with Unified CallManager

What you observed is indeed expected:

IOS DMS switchtype logic changes type to international when sees prefix 011. So the translation rule is needed when telco does not handle that correctly.

You can also change the switch type for another that doesn't mess with numbering type.

Yet another technique that can work, destination-pattern 9011 and type international in DP.

In any case you can take all the traces you want doing "debug isdn q931" and "term mon". What you see is the actual messages on the wire.

As you can see it's an intricate matter with a lof of "it depends" :)

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