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FoIP - 3800 outbound Faxing

Hi there, we would like to explore the idea of having the 3800 handel out going faxing. Currently it has dial-peers configured to capture incoming faxes, how do we do it for out going? E-mail to a fax number? Scan to a fax number?? What format does it need to be in etc... I trust we don't have to configure a dial-peer for each out going number on a case by case basis.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: FoIP - 3800 outbound Faxing

If it is already capturing inbound faxes then it is likely setup for T.37 as an on-ramp gateway. You need to configure it as an off-ramp gateway as well for the reverse direction.

Fax over IP T.37 Store and Forward Fax

Configuring T.37 Store-and-Forward Fax

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Re: FoIP - 3800 outbound Faxing

Thanks for the reply,

Is there a how to setup t.37 for dummies?

service fax_offramp flash::app_faxmail_offramp.

dial-peer voice 8888 mmoip
information-type fax
incoming called-number 9123456789 - I don't understand this part, why an incoming number, when it's coming from an Exchange server?
image resolution standard
dial-peer voice 8889 pots
max-conn 10
destination-pattern 9123456789 - Do we need to set something like this up for every external fax number?
port 0/0/1:15
prefix 9

When sending an email to fax, what goes in the To: field? "Faxnumber@??"

Trying to get a grasp of things...

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Re: FoIP - 3800 outbound Faxing

It might not be a strightforward task to submit outbound faxmail through Exchange due to T.37 protocol requirements,

1. The destination address should be in the format FAX=@

2. The email attachment should be in TIFF format, with TIFF tags placed in front of the TIFF image.

Thus, 3rd party software might be required.

For Windows, one of the options is facsBridge T37FSP - T.37 fax driver integrated with Windows Fax Service, see for details.

Optionally, facsBridge4Exchange fax connector that bridges Exchange with Windows Fax Service is also available from the URL above.

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