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Force connected state


I´m deploying CUCM integrated to an old Windows application using CTI, and also to a third party using SIP Trunk.  The CTI app has an internal timer with a limit, so it expects the calling process to be quite short.  The original deployment had a Gateway with FXO interfaces that provided an immediate connected state for the calls.  Now, with SIP Trunk, we have the usual "180 trying", "183 sessiong in progress",  after several seconds of ringback we get a "200 OK", and then finally a connected state.  By the time the call is connected, the app internal timer expired and the call is dropped.

We can´t modify the windows app, so removing the annoying timer is not possible.

Is there any way of forcing a connected state in CUCM just as soon the calling process begins?? (we have a router that can be used as CUBE if that helps...)

I know that Asterisk can do what I want (thanks to the answer() function), but I´d like not to add a non-cisco box to our deployment.

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Force connected state

You can try to configure your SIP trunk to use SIP early offer.

Profile (Device > Device Settings > SIP Profile) and check "Early  Offer support for voice and video calls (insert MTP if needed)".

Hope this would help!

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