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Force phone to stay on active call

In call manager i know there is an enterprise setting which will make it so that if a user picks up their phone, it will only pick up their main line. They have to press a secondary line in order for it to pick up that line. Thats not what im looking for in this case...

Currently if a user is on the phone, and a second call comes in they lose the softkeys for the first call and the keys for the second call appear. The problem with this is they can't transfer the first call, put them on hold, etc. A simple solution is to use the up/down arrows to select the first call, and you will get all of those softkeys back; the problem is alot of users are having a hard time grasping this.

A more confusing situation is if you are on a call on one line, and a call comes in on a different line. In this case you cant just use the up/down arrow, you have to press the line button to get the original call's soft keys.

Is there a setting in CM so that the phone will by default stay on the active call and keep the soft keys associated with that call?

I am running CM 5.1 in one location, and CM 6.1 in another.


Re: Force phone to stay on active call

When you are on the call and an another calls comes in you will receive the notification ont he screen wheter to answer or forward the calls directly to voicemai. You can answer the call by pressing the soft key button. or else you can create you own softkey templete and associate it with the appropriate phone.

You can refer this guide for more information:

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Re: Force phone to stay on active call

Thanks for the reply.

That is basically what they have to do now. The issue (nuisance) is that if they are about to transfer a call and a new call comes in that second they don't want to answer the new call and keep the first call on hold just so they can transfer them. They would rather finish with the first call, then take care of the new call.

Its not a real problem, it is just one of those small things where an extra key stoke or two adds up during busy phone periods. The user(s) just feel like it is unnecessary steps , and if the active call could keep the soft keys it would make life a little easier.

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Re: Force phone to stay on active call

Hi Michael,

I think I would try to disable the System setting Auto-Line Select. With this Enabled the Display Focus (and Softkeys) always switch to the new incoming call.

Hope this helps!


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