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Forcing CCM to use g729r8 instead of g729br8

I have a CCM setup, and have the strip g729 silence suppression/VAD Annex B capability from codec set to TRUE under CCM service parameters, but calls across WAN are showing up as g729br8 that come in from PRI on MGCP gateway.

There is a 6608 being used as a MTP transcoder the calls connect through between the two. I have reset the gateway and 6608 after setting the strip g729 vad to true under service parameters.

Have another site, without 6608 transcoder where calls show as g729r8.

Anyone have any ideas on this?


Re: Forcing CCM to use g729r8 instead of g729br8

Is there any drop in calls, Could you provide the Sniffer trace between IP phone & 6608 gateway?

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Re: Forcing CCM to use g729r8 instead of g729br8

We had the same thing, but with a PRI on a H323 gateway. The issue was with Caller ID. Once we set up the second voice leg with the right Caller ID the calls started showing up as g729r8. Hope this helps. I don't know how this would work with the MGCP configuration - sorry

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