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************Forward incoming call for another gw*****************

Hi Pros,

I need to forward calls from a specific phone number to another gateway;however, the first gateway keep drop the calls.There are the two dial-peers that i added the the first gateway:

1. dial-peer voice 994 pots

preference 2

incoming called-number .


port 1/0/0:23



dial-peer voice 697 voip

description Pulse pre-paid Platform

preference 1

destination-pattern 4034509933$

progress_ind setup enable 3

voice-class codec 2

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:10.x.x.x

dtmf-relay cisco-rtp

playout-delay nominal 250

playout-delay mode fixed

ip qos dscp cs5 media

no vad


Why the first gw keep sendin the call to 994 instead of 697 which has a lower preference number? Is there something else i am missing?


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Re: ************Forward incoming call for another gw************

Call from a number? Which number? And which is the called number ?

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Re: ************Forward incoming call for another gw************

Tthis 4034509933 is mapped to toll-free, when you call this toll you get promp to enter either a toll or another started by 604 area code. All other numbers get rejected.

Now when you call, you get the prompt if you call a toll-free the call is completed;however, if you call a 604 the operator asks you to enter the area code, eventhough to add the area code.

Once again debugs shows that the last getway never gets the calls.

Background for better undanstinding. Previously, the setup was a 604 mapped to the toll-free pointed to 604 PRI, 2 months ago we had issue with the toll-free mapped to the 604, so we had to change the 604 to 403 and pointed to 403 area code.

Like I said previously, the customer have two choices, either dial a 604 or toll. So since now, all the calls are pointed to 403, I've decided to add a second dial-peer in the 403 PRI to send the call to 604 PRI.



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Re: ************Forward incoming call for another gw************

Sorry, can't understand much of what you wrote, perhaps let's keep to the basics and from output of "debug isdn q931" please explain what the router is doing wrong in your opinion.

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Re: ************Forward incoming call for another gw************


By default(on recent IOS version) don't allow calls voip-to-voip. So if you are sending a call to cucm and cucm sending to gw, on gw send to dial-peer pots.

For gw to send to another gw you must add add command allow-connection h323-to-h323, But I recommend you create a sip trunk on CUCM and send the call directly to gw destination.

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