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Forward to long distance number

My sales people want to forward their desk phone to their cell phones. Some of these phones are long distance. How can I set up the ability to forward their calls to their long distance cells phones?

At this point the call will wait for the long distance code and stop at that point. The user is not able to add special characters and the long distance code at the phone level for call forwarding. Can I enable that or can I set up a hunt list with the code and ad it to their line to forward on no answer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Forward to long distance number

One of the many reasons this could be happening is that the Calling Foward CSS is not configured. Can you configure Call Forward Calling Search Space such that it has access to Long Distance Route Patterns.

Hope this helps


Re: Forward to long distance number

I guess u mean that you have a FAC code enabled for long distance calls, so when a call is forwarded to the destination number of the user it needs the long distance code?

if this is the case, then, one workaround is to create new special route patterns for these long distance calls, but this time to add a prefix to the route pattern, with the prefix being the FAC code.

and u have to assign proper CSS's in call forward all calling search space field.



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Re: Forward to long distance number

Actually the auth codes are not FAC's in the Cisco Callmanager (non are set up there) they are on our LD service (Global Crossing). So we need a pause and then the code to go out. Can I do this?

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Re: Forward to long distance number

Here is what we did...

Forwarding Calls to a Long Distance Number

IT proposal:

?Acquire 1800 numbers from LD company

?Set an extension number (i.e. 5328) to point to the 1800 number by doing the following:

?Set up a line group

?Set up a hunt list that points to that line group

?Set up a hunt pilot with an ext number that points to the hunt list

?Program the phone to route forwarded calls to the extension number of the hunt pilot when manually selected by the Sales Person (i.e. at end of the day).

?Sales Person selects ?CFwdALL? and clicks ?Cell Phone? button.

?All calls to his work extension will go to his cell phone via the 1800 #

?When new Sales Person comes on board or leaves the 1800 number will need to be pointed to the new cell phone number.

?May need to assist in setting up the desk phone for the new Sales Person.

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