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Forwarded calls problem - wrong number of digits in calling number

Hi guys.

I would like to ask for help with following problem. On several CCM (e.g. I have founded strange behavior. I have 3 digits numbering for internal lines. For outgoing calls I am adding prefix in route pattern (Prefix Digits -Outgoing Calls) and making legal national 9digit number. Everything working well for "normal" outgoing calls, but there are some problems with forwarded calls (e.g. using forward all function). Forwarder call are using same route pattern, although to the gateway only internal, 3digit format of calling numbers is forwarded. This behavior is source of many troubles (accounting …), so could someone help us, please?

Many thanks for your answers ;o)



Re: Forwarded calls problem - wrong number of digits in calling

An IP phone must not be set to CFwdAll to a destination that results in a loop situation. For example, Phone A forwards to Phone B, Phone B forwards to Phone C, and Phone C forwards back to Phone A. Cisco CallManager has a Max Forwards Hops to DN service parameter, with a default value of 12, in order to detect loop conditions and drop the call. In order to change this default value, go to the Cisco CallManager administration page, and choose Service > Service Parameters, scroll down to Clusterwide Parameters and choose Feature > Forward > Max Forwards Hops to DN.

Also, restart the DBL component on all of the servers from Start > Program Files > Admin Tools > Component Services > Expand Component Services > Computer > My Computer > Com + Applications. Right-click the DBL and choose Shutdown and then Start.

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