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forwarding incoming calls on SRST mode

Hi all,

I have a system with a CUCM V7.1 on the main site and 2800 gateway on remote site (in H323 mode). On the main site, there is a UCCX/IVR too.

Every site have a main number which is redirect to the IVR on the main site:



translation-rule 25
Rule 2 ^9550 99071
#when the called number is XXXX9550, I transform it in 99XXX, which is the CTI route point corresponding to the IVR
Rule 10 ^955 8755



dial-peer voice 113 voip
destination-pattern 99...
voice-class codec 2
voice-class h323 1
session target ipv4: #ip adress of the CUCM
dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
no vad

So my problem is when the IVR or the WAN is down, the call cannot be forwarded to the IVR and the call is lost. To not loose the call, I want to forward the call to local phone when I am i SRST mode.

I think to configure un hunt group like:

voice hunt group 1 sequential

list 99071, 87150

pilot 8700

and change the translation:

translation-rule 25
Rule 2 ^9550 8700

Rule 10 ^955 8755


Unfortunatly, I cannot configure "voice hunt-group" on my gateway (here the version (C2801-SPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.3(11)T10).

Is someone have an other idea?


New Member

Re: forwarding incoming calls on SRST mode

I found one way to resolve this:

secondary-dialtone 0
max-conferences 4
transfer-system full-consult
user-locale FR
ip source-address port 2000
max-ephones 10
max-dn 20 dual-line
transfer-pattern 0..........
alias 1 99071 to 87552 preference 1
alias 2 99071 to 87553 preference 2
alias 3 99071 to 87555 huntstop

time-zone 23
time-format 24
date-format dd-mm-yy

When I am in SRST mode, the main number is forwarding to number 87552.

Is someone know how to formard the call on several phone in SRST mode ?


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