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Forwarding multiple overlaid lines using softkey?

Hi all,

A customer wishes to be able to forward incoming calls to different voice mail boxes at different times of the day.

Is there any way to do this using night-service (a time range determines where call-forward night-service goes?)

I tried manually forwarding to the mailbox. However, the problem is that the number in question is assigned to multiple ephone-dn entries that are overlaid. Using the CFwdAll softkey only seems to forward one of the lines - or possibly it thinks that the forward is established but it doesn't work.

Should this work, or is there a better way to achieve this?


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Re: Forwarding multiple overlaid lines using softkey?

FWIW I didn't find a good solution to this. Instead, I wrote an ASP page that telnets into the router, does a conf t, and reconfigures all of the ephone-dns.

Anyone know if it's possible to set call forwarding using SNMP? I worked out how to retrieve the current forwarding setup, but that bit was read only.

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