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Forwarding secondary lines

I have a secretary with a 7960 who would like to be able to call forward secondary DNs on her phone. I know you can do this IF you make the the line you would like to call forward the primary line. But she has three lines she would like to be able to call forward remotely from her phone. Is this even possible?

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Re: Forwarding secondary lines

only with this good tip from Rob

IPPhone callForwarder

This new version brings to the user the ability of defining and setting the call forwards from the IP Phone. When selecting the IP Phone callForwarder service, a menu with all available lines will appear. After selecting the line the user wishes to set the forward on, a new menu containing the forward definitions will show on screen. Only those forwarding parameters definied by the Administrator will be displayed. These parameters will show the actual forward destination. The user can then set any of these callForwards.

From this good link;



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Re: Forwarding secondary lines

I could be mistaken but I believe you can go off hook on the line you want to perform CFA and then press the soft key.

If not, the user can certainly do it from /ccmuser by selecting the line they want to change the Line Settings on.

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Re: Forwarding secondary lines

Hey Guys,

Java is correct here :) +5 points for remembering this reference buddy. Here is the Bug related to this issue;

CSCdr03425 Bug Details

AVVID: Allow additional line appearances to be forwarded from phone.

A user cannot not forward non-primary line appearances from the phone




6 - enhancement

Last Modified

In Last month


Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)


1st Found-In






Related Bug Information CFwdAll does not work for Secondary lines from Softkey

CallForwardAll button does not work for secondary line appearances from the phone "CFwdAll" softkey on a multiline appearance phone. Pressing the secondary line appearance button followed by the CFwdAll softkey yields a reorder tone. Primary line appearance can be forwarded just fine. Additionally, the secondary line appearances can be forwarded by the end user from the ccmuser page. Workaround: Use the ccmuser page for the CFwdAll funtionality.

Feature - Ability to CFA other than line 1 from 7960 interface

Symptom: User can only Call Forward All Prime line (1) from 7960 interface, request is for the ability to set CFA for any line appearances. Example - Select line button, press CFwdAll - enter CFA destination. Condition: Customer with multiple lines configured per 7960 has "night" line as line button 6. Workaround: Use CCMadmin/user Web pages to set CFA on per line basis.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Forwarding secondary lines

Hi All,

I'm trying to use the IPCallForwarder application but when I try to access the service from my phone I get an http 404 error. I believe I've done exactly what the installation instructions from myvoipsource say. Has anyone experienced this? Do I need additional configuration on the apache side?

Thanks in advance

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