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FWD No Answer External doesn't work

Hi Guys,

I'm having a Cisco Callmanager 4.2(3)sr3 which is shared among 4 customers. Everything was working fine, but when I recently added a 5th custome the Forward No Answer External doesn't function anymore. But only for this new customer (or let's say CSS and Partition).

I allready tried rebooting the server, but without any result. I'm guessing it is just an issue in the database but can't find anything about it on this forum.

Restarting the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher also didn't work.

What can I do to resolve this issue? Update to the latest SR (sr3a) or upgrade to 4.3(2).

Best Regards,

Paul van den IJssel



Re: FWD No Answer External doesn't work

You may have to run some traces to see whats going on. If it works fine for the "other" customers it should work for the "new" customer.

Most of us probably look at callmanager as "Sites" rather than customers.

Site 1,2,3,4 all work fine for Forward no answer correct?

We are assuming you are using a Publisher and Subscriber correct? If you make a change on the Publisher for this line on "customer" #5 does it replicate to the Subscriber? or vice versa? This will tell you that the databases are working correctly or at least replicating the information back and forth.

Can you try this on a different line?

Cisco Employee

Re: FWD No Answer External doesn't work

you're mentioning the TCD service, can you explain the call flow for this?



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