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New Member

FXO and Call-Waiting CallerID

Hello -

Using a UC520 and wondering if I can get the following to work:

1.) CallerID from the second call in the FXO line (Callwaiting) show CallerID.

I hear the callwaiting beep that I am assuming is inband from the FXO line. I can use hookflash on the CME phone to pick up the second call coming in, but I don't get CallerID. If I plug an analog phone directly into the line, I can get CallWaiting CallerID.

2.) Conference calls to hookflash outbound on the single line to use the analog PSTN line's three-way feature.

3.) CallWaiting/Hookflash functionality to accept second call coming in FXO line. If I place an outbound call from an analog phone on the UC520 (FXS), I don't seem to be able to pick up a callwaiting call that comes in on the FXO line from my analog phone.

Thanks all! Here's to trying to make a UC520 really work for my house!!

New Member

Re: FXO and Call-Waiting CallerID

Hey Josh, Did you ever get number 3 to work? I am in the exact same boat you are and am trying to get callwaiting/flash to work from an analog cordless phone connected to the FXS port on my UC500.

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