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FXO Port Immediate Pickup on First Ring

Is there any way to prevent an FXO port from picking up the call immediately on incoming calls?

By this I mean that CME picks up the FXO port then generates its own ringback tone for the caller. Most other PBX systems in my experience seem to not actually connect the circuit until someone picks up a phone (extension) to answer a call.

The traditional behaviour would be preferred because the CME ringback tone is different to the standard Australian ringback tone, so it is obvious what has happened.

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Re: FXO Port Immediate Pickup on First Ring

I can get you at least part of the way there. The voice-port has two commands that should be used

ring number (FXO only) Specifies the maximum number of rings to be detected before an incoming call is answered by the router.

cptone Selects the two-letter locale for the voice call progress tones and other locale-specific parameters to be used on this voice port.

The first will prevent the router from answering immediately. The second should be set to AU I believe and should result in the correct ringback tone.

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Re: FXO Port Immediate Pickup on First Ring

The cptone AU parameter is already set. Unfortunately the ring is (slightly) different. I don't quite know how to explain but it's as though there are distinct "internal" and "external" AU ringback tones and it plays the internal one.

Regarding ring number, I was under the impression that this would cause the router to wait for X number of rings before doing anything with the call? Are you saying that the extensions would receive the call before that number of rings has elapsed?

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Re: FXO Port Immediate Pickup on First Ring

No, you're correct regarding ring number; my bad. I'll sit quitely and wait for someone else to chime in.

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