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FXS Connection PLAR on SRST Gateway


  I need to setup a EVM-HD-8FXS/DID on an SRST gateway.  I have configured the ports to be on SCCP with STCAPP.  During normal operations, the ports are registered to CUCM and during SRST, they register to the gateway.  That is all working fine.

  Now, I need to configure some ports to auto dial (PLAR) and I am able to set that up on CUCM with a blank translation pattern translating to the number that I want to dial.  To enable the ports to still do PLAR during SRST, I need to configure "sccp plar" on the gateway.  My question is, now that I have configured "sccp plar" on the gateway (this is a H.323 gateway), when I lift up the handset which configuration is actually instructing the analog phone to do PLAR?  The configuration on the CUCM or the "sccp plar" on the gateway?

  The reason I ask this is because during normal operation, the number that the PLAR dials is an on-net call via GK and I do not want to "sccp plar" to take over control during normal operation and sent the call via PSTN when the ports are still registered to CUCM.  The "sccp plar" should only comes in during SRST.  Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!!


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