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FXS Disconnect Question

I currently have an FXS port on a Cisco 2821 voice gateway configured with a telephone number so that when it is dialed it rings a paging system. The FXS port is MGCP controlled. When the paging system answers it waits for digits to route the audio to the appropriate paging zone. When the paging number is dialed and no zone is accessed by the IP phone (the user hangs up), it keeps my FXS trunk seized and the next call in to the FXS port receives a busy signal. Is there a way I can force the FXS port to disconnect after a period of time. I know there are probably some timers on the Paging equipment that will assist as well but I am not able to reach the vendor at this time and the customer is looking for a quick fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: FXS Disconnect Question

It is this remote device that is disconnecting this call ? Chek for MGCP gateway registration.

Give me debug vpm signal and sh run.

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Re: FXS Disconnect Question

We have isolated the problem to the paging software. Thanks for being willing. I will let you know if there is additional troubleshooting required.

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