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FXS ports on 3800 ISR in hunt

We have a 3800 Series ISR that is a gateway to a CCM cluster. The CCM <--> ISR integration is via a SIP trunk.

On the ISR, we have a HD FXS module. I have wired 8 ports to a fax server. I need to configure these 8 ports as a circular hunt group.

Currently I have the voice-ports defined, the POTS dial-peers defined. I am unsure of how to specify the hunt pilot (a DID) and hunt group because this ISR is not running CME and because the POTS dial-peers are not part of the CCM dial plan. I started down the road of keeping the calls entirely within the ISR by hairpinning from the incoming PRI to the FXS ports.

Any suggestions? TIA.

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Re: FXS ports on 3800 ISR in hunt

Well, you have few choices. The better one is to have the FXS port to be SCCP controlled by CCM, this way you will be able to use the hunt features of CCM still treating each port as individual, have CDR, etc.

The other is that you configure the voice-ports to belong an hunt-group, that you reference instead of port under a single DP. That does not require CME to be run.

In all cases, the RTP stream will be hairpinned for pri->fxs calls.

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Re: FXS ports on 3800 ISR in hunt

Alos, with a cisco GW you really don't need physical faxes much anymore. It can receive faxes and sent them via email, or work with a modern fax server.

This frees up a lot of resources in the office.

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Re: FXS ports on 3800 ISR in hunt

Hi p.bevilacqua, many thanks for the quick responses! I haven't done SCCP-controlled FXS ports to CCM before so I will explore that, it sounds like it will meet our needs.

O and these are not terminating on actual fax machines, but on a fax server.



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Re: FXS ports on 3800 ISR in hunt

Check your fax server for fax relay interfacing that would make things much easier.

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