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G.729 to a Hunt-Group through Unity

Hello All,

I have just finished an Avaya G3 and CCM 5.1 integration using H.323 trunk and everything looks working fine execpt 4 digits calls from Avaya to CCM where the destination is a hunt-group. Here's how the hunt-group is configured. There's a CTI Route Point called HelpDesk with 8888 as number. CCM receives a call for 8888 and forwards it to unity to verify the time of the day and then unity sends the call back to CCM which goes to a line-group which has 6 members. The call rings and the firt available person answers the call with no problem but there's a huge one way delay only from Avay to Cisco. Also there's no ring back tone when calling from Avaya. After few seconds we can hear each other and then the conversation continues with no problem. There's no audio from Avaya to Cisco for the first 10-15 seconds but we can hear from Cisco to Avaya. I personaly thing there is a codec mismatch when the call is sent back from unity to CCM but I don't seem to have a solution for it. All 4 digits calls come to CCM as G.729. The unity is 4.1. Please note there's absolutly no problem when we call btw Avaya and Cisco using extension numbers. The problem is only when CCM sends the call to Unity and back to line-group.




Re: G.729 to a Hunt-Group through Unity

Anybody with any idea?

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