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G729 and moh

Some people mention that G729 is not really designed for MOH. Has anybody used the G729 for MOH over the wan and how you feel the quality? FYI, Our scenario is H323 gw with PBX so there is no CCM and can not change the service parameter to use g711 for moh while voice is g729. So if we have to go for g729, then we have to sacrifice the moh quality?


Re: G729 and moh

G729 and MOH does not really sound nice.

My experience is that Rock music sounds better then classical (violin) music (using G729)

Especial high pitch tones get very bad.

In general try it, and try different kinds of music,



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Re: G729 and moh

G729 codec is based on speech perception and really sounds terrible with music, it cannot anticipete the next bits hence stay away from it if possible.


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Re: G729 and moh

You may be able to "spoof" the client phones into using a local MoH source at the WAN site, if they are licensed for SRST, using a variation of the following method.

Good Luck!

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Re: G729 and moh

thanks for the link. But in my case, all the H323 GWs are connected with PBX. There is no CCM and SRST in the network. So I guess it's not working for me. Too bad.

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