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G729 H323 Gateway

Does a H323 gateway support g729 for outbound calls? If it does can I have calls go out both g711 and g729 if needed?


Re: G729 H323 Gateway

sure it dose

the default pots dial peer codec is g711

and voip g729

u can change it on dial-peer it self

if helpful rate

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Re: G729 H323 Gateway

When I set my test phone to use g711 that call works fine. When I set the phone to use g729 I get a busy siginal. Can I setup a POTS dial peer to use either g711 or g729. Or can I setup a POTS dial peer that use just g729

Re: G729 H323 Gateway

the PSTN only use g711 !!

g729 used over IP WAN connections for less bandwidth

however u might need Xcoding resources for trnscoding between two codecs

but if use pots for pstn why u try to use g729!!


Re: G729 H323 Gateway

Please post more detail of what you are trying to do and with what. Are you using an H.323 phone or a SIP phone? Maybe an ATA?

You can not change the codec on a pots dial-peer. If the pots interface is an FXO or FXS, there is no codec--it's not digital. If using a T1 or E1 on your POTS dial-peer then that interface can ONLY use G.711.

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