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Garbled Voice Mail

I have a client that is experiencing an issue that no one (TAC included) can fix. Users will have voice mails that when they listen to them, they can't hear anything - the message is all garbled. The temporary fix is that they save the message and then replay the message & they can hear the message fine. Anyone run into this? This happens sporadically to people, time of day, and location.


Re: Garbled Voice Mail


It sounds like you are using Unified Messaging

The users are listening to messages from Exchange.

If you are listening the WAV file in Outlook through Exchange, you have to remember the clients computer is either pulling the wav file from Exchange or it is caching it looking in the Outlook offline folders.

If you say you are saving the file to the desktop of the client, then it plays fine, it seems to me that the wav file streaming from the exchange server is bogged down or dropping packets from the client's pc to/from Exchange server.

If the voicemail is saved to the desktop, and it's still garbled, that means it was recorded garble. Then you would have to look at the Unity server NIC cards (teaming), check the Unity server for high utilization, memory leaks, etc.

I would also reboot the Unity server.

Check your TSP software version upgrade to newest.

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

Thanks for the reply Tommer. They are not using Unified messaging. They get the garbled messages directly from VM.

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

Ok, we can step through this.

If it's VM only:

Is the Exchange off box or on?

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

They use Groupwise for email, however they do have Exchange installed on Unity (no client connects for email). Unity version is 4.0.4 (SR1). So yes exchange is running.

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

You can try this.

login into the Unity server

Open up IE

http://locahost/exchange/alias of subscriber

login with administrator or some admin account

basically, you logging into the Exchange server (messaging store) for Unity through OWA. It's turned on by default. Your administrator account or Unity services account will have read access to all Exchange mailboxes.

You can then download the WAV file to the desktop and listen to it through Windows Media Player.

If the message is garbled at that state, that means it was garbled before hit the Exchange server. It could be TSP between CallManager and Unity or network congestion, etc.

If it's garbled at the wav file, then check the flow of the call. Where did it come from? PSTN to CUCM to Unity? Or Internal IP phone to CUCM to Unity?

Check the connection between CallManager and Unity. Any dropped packets?

What version TSP are using? If it's old, upgrade now, restart Unity

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

OK- I called the client and got some good info. The only messages that are garbled are VMs from the PSTN (but not all messages). Here's what's weird though. Someone checks their VM, one of them will be garbled and all they have to do is hang up and call VM again and the massage is fine. I would have them try your solution but after the initial listening of the garbled VM, it is OK. It sounds like it is being stored OK, however occasionally the retrieval is messed up. But only external messages which doesn't make much sense. What is TSP? I am having them send me a show interface of the CM and Unity ports to make sure everything is OK there.

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

On the Unity server in the UTIM, you can verify the TSP version.

it sounds like you have errors from the gateway to CUCM. But, that does not take out the TSPs are causing the dropped packets.

Check your router though, you might be getting dropped packets from the Voice gateway to CallManager.

Also, is this one site or remote sites?

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

Just curious to see if codec setting on the unity and codec on the PSTN could be a problem.

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

Been going though all everything and try to collect all the information. There appears to be a mismatch in TSP versions.

Call Manager TSP Version - 4.1(1.4)ES12

Call Manager version 4.1(3)sr5d

Unity TSP version - 8.2(1)

Unity version - 4.0(4)sr1

I will get them at the same level and see if that resolves the issue. I appreciate all your help.

New Member

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

This is pretty neat to have OWA for Unity. Does anyone know if the following is possible with this:

1. make is https, instead of just http?

2. allow users to change their Active Directory password from OWA?


Re: Garbled Voice Mail

Just secure OWA in IIS on the Exchange server. Simple click, restart services

New Member

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

Which path should that be done on? Attached is screens-shot of the server structure.

Also, any idea about allowing users to change their own passwords?

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

You should be able to just check mark the box. But if you want to use your own CA, then follow this document.

even though it uses a third party, you can use Windows CA and build your own.

New Member

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

Great Link. thx.

Any idea about allowing users to change their passwords?

Re: Garbled Voice Mail

In OWA, there is an options button that lets them change their AD password.

this is all MS Exchange administration. If you have an AD person, this is all Exchange 101 basically.

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