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Garbled Voice when a call is transfered

We currently have a CUCM 6.1 system installed in our datacentre, the main office is running a Cisco H323 voice gateway communicating with the CUCM over a WAN link. In the second office they are still using a Siemens HiPath PABX, to establish communications between the two sites, we installed a Cisco 2811 router at the site that communicates with the PABX over IP and used G711 for voice to and from the PABX, the router then performs transcoding of the voice to G729 to be transferred across the WAN to the main office. The problem we are experiencing only occurs when a call is made via the Siemens PABX, sometimes when the call is transferred from one Cisco IP phone to another, the voice from the main office using the Siemens PABX becomes garbled and the party at the second office on the Siemens PABX receives this garbled voice, all voice from the Siemens PABX is received without any problems.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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