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Gatekeeper Call Router Question


Lets say I have following:

Gatekeeper A - GK-A

Gatekeeper B - GK-B

Endpoint 1:

Registers with GK-A

E.164: 1000

Endpoint 2:

Registers with GK-A

E.164: 1001

Endpoint 3:

Registers with GK-B

E.164: 1001

Endpoint 4:

Registers with GK-B

E.164: 1002

On GK-A there is a remote zone configured for GK-B. There is a tech prefix set up so that when enpoint 1 or 2 dials 1#.... the call is routed to GK-B.

Here's my problem. Endpoint 1 can call 4 by dialing 1#1002. Works perfectly every time. I want endpoint 1 to be able to call endpoint 3 by dialing 1#1001. That does not work. The call goes to endpoint 2. Is there anyway to get GK-A to respect the 1# and send that call to GK-B?

I've tried several different configurations.

Current configuration is as follows:


zone local GK-A

zone remote GK-B 1719

gw-type-prefix 1#* hopoff GK-B

no shutdown

Anyone have any ideas? I've attached a diagram for clarification of what endpoints are where. Thanks



Re: Gatekeeper Call Router Question

Check the “show gatekeeper endpoint” command in order to make sure that all the endpoints register to the gatekeeper.

Understanding Cisco IOS Gatekeeper Call Routing:

Troubleshooting Gatekeeper Endpoint Call Admission Issues:

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Re: Gatekeeper Call Router Question

Yes, everything is registered.


Re: Gatekeeper Call Router Question

Do you have any default tech-prefix configured?

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Re: Gatekeeper Call Router Question

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I do. In this case it does not change the behavior of the call.


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