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gatekeeper case


i have this case on gatekeeper:

i have ccm cluster (pub and sub) and a CME registered to a GK

i need to only allow one active call going through sub for any other new call


it is from CCM to CME via GK it will rejected by GK and rerouted to pstn

if it is from CME to CCM via GK it will go through Pub instead of Sub

i tried to play with regions and CAC on CCM but i'm not sure if there is a better way to do this



Re: gatekeeper case

CAC settings based on Locations in CallManager will take care of the calls from CallManager to CME. But for CME to CallManager calls you need a Gatekeeper to control to the CCM cluster.

Call Admission Control:

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Re: gatekeeper case

Can you please elaborate a little on the calls from the CME to CCM via GK. How would I route only one call from the CME to the Sub and remaining all calls through the CCM?

Re: gatekeeper case

you can do all the control thorugh the GK

from CCM to CME u need to make a GK controled trunk and define your gategeper and make sure the CCM rigistered to the gatekeeper

if you want if the call regected by GK go through PSTN u need to define AAR on the CCM but this i used it with CCM with multiple sites with CME not sure

for CME to CCM just point the dial-peer of the CME to the GK with rsa

should register and the GK you can define the max number of cals through the amount of bandwidth

good luck

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