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gatekeeper clustering

Looking for any info on setting up gatekeeper clustering. Multiple H323 and MGCO gateways on each cluster. Is this possible with MGCP controlled gateways? CM's are both 4.2 and 6.1.


Re: gatekeeper clustering

Your question is pretty unclear. What do you want to achieve?

This may help:

Cisco IOS H.323 Configuration Guide

Look in chapter

"Configuring Load Balancing and Alternate Gatekeepers"

You can run the gatekeeper on a MGCP gateway but the MGCP gateway cannot interoperate with the gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper is H.323 only.


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Re: gatekeeper clustering

Martin, thanks for the info. You have answered part of my problem. I have a seperate IOS router to use as the gatekeeper, and I have seen some sample H322 Gw configs, but I wasnt sure how to do this on a mgcp controlled gateway.

Re: gatekeeper clustering

You cannot do interoperation directly with the MGCP gateway. Anyway, you at least have 2 CUCM clusters (different versions in your 1st post) - there you can use GK-controlled ICT.

Here some sample config for a GK Cluster:

Gatekeeper ! GK1

zone local CCMCL20-GK1 ! unique to this GK

zone prefix CCMCL20-GK1 234.

zone cluster local CCMCL20-CLUSTER CCMCL20-GK1

element CCMCL20-GK2 1719

Gatekeeper ! GK2

zone local CCMCL20-GK2 ! unique to this GK

zone prefix CCMCL20-GK2 234.

zone cluster local CCMCL20-CLUSTER CCMCL20-GK2

element CCMCL20-GK1 1719

In the "zone cluster" you tell both GK that they are in the same group and where it's partner is.

The clients will get both GK IP addresses as soon as they register.

"sh gatekeeper status cluster" and

"sh gatekeeper cluster" will show if everything is okay.



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Re: gatekeeper clustering

Thanks for the info. This is what I was looking to do, Gatekeeper controlled ICT's.


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Re: gatekeeper clustering

If you only have 2 clusters there's little to be gained in using a Gatekeeper. If anything you make your implementation more complicated. If you have more than 2 clusters then Gatekeeper makes sense.

Just a thought though. If you only have 2 clusters, why not consider a SIP trunk between them. This gives you the benefit of being able to pass presence info between clusters for BLF keys when all your clusters are on 6 and above.


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