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Gatekeeper Design


I have the following issues that i need to overcome ASAP.

I have 3 locations offshore that have Callmanager Express running. I have a main location running Callmanager.

Single Router running CME exists on each of the offshore installations. I need to be able to provide dedicated bandwidth two a couple of emergency phones, I.E these phones must always be able to make and recieve calls.

A Gatekeeper is installed at the main location onshore to provide CAC between all the offshore devices.

My question is how can i configure the gatekeeper to allow this. From what i know a router/voice gateway can only be a member of a single local zone on a gatekeeper. There is no way to split up the offshore phones into two zones.

As a workaround i though ihave implemented the following configuration:

COR has been configured on the CME offshore, this allowed me to configure some phones to only see the dialpeer for the gatekeeper and other phones to bypass the gatekeeper dial peer and go direct to the CCM at the main location. This works well however when i call from a phone on CCM at the main location bypassing the gatekeeper by specifiying a more specific route pattern IE straight to the offshore gateway (configured in CCM as an H323 gateway) the gatekeeper still knows about this call.

Any ideas.

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Re: Gatekeeper Design

should have also mentioned that there are only two or three phones that need dedicated bandwidth. Out QOS policy on the VSAT link has been provisioned to permit 10 g729 calls from the gatekeeper and the 2 or 3 phones that bypass the gatekeeper.

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