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Gatekeeper issue..

dear all,

I have setup an inter-zone configuration on Gk, two gateways are rigestered with that GK, when i make call from IP phone on the first GW it goes all the way to the gatekeeper then to the other GW and the destination phone.

the phone will ring but if you pick up the phone nothing is there !! and the calling phone keeps ringing !!

please advice

Cisco Employee

Re: Gatekeeper issue..

Hi Hassan,

A few clarifying questions...

Is the second phone an IP phone as well? How are IP phones controlled (CME, CCM, or other)?

What is result of ping test from the subnet where the first phone is located to the subnet where the second phone is located?

What are the codec restrictions in use between the phones? Make sure a single codec is used in any dial-peers or any other CAC configuration in use.

If you can, please post the gateway configurations.



New Member

Re: Gatekeeper issue..

Thanks Michael..

actually both IP phones are controlled by the same CCM, I'm doing this for my home practice on GK, If i use the dial-peers as IPIP gateway it works fine, but only through GK im getting the problem.

each phone is on differnet CSS and partition on the CCM 4.1.

call flow:

from 901--> match route pattern 9.801 --> local h323 gateway ---> ras dial-peer-- >destination h323 gateway ---> CCM

please see configuration files.

Re: Gatekeeper issue..

u mean both IP phones registered to the same CCM ?

if this the case u should use regions and locations CAC way not GK if u have two CCMs or CCM with CME or CCM/CME with external gateway in these case u can consider a GK

Cisco Employee

Re: Gatekeeper issue..

Hi Hassan,

I agree with Marwan's comments here that this is not the ideal setup for testing or learning GK. You will likely never see this configuration in a real-world scenario, and it also presents the challenge where you could never practice multiple zones on the GK since the CUCM (and therefore all phones registered to it) can only be in one zone.

Following Marwan's line of thought, configure one of the gateways for CME, then change the TFTP server for one of the IP phones to point to the CME router. You could then easily practice GK configurations including CUCM and CME being in the same or different zones, while giving you exposure to real-world scenarios that you are likely to run into. You could then add CAC to the mix and also routing the GK calls using CUBE.

Still, I'll try your setup in the morning and let you know if I run into the same issue you are running into.



Re: Gatekeeper issue..

thanks Michael for this nice comments

Hassan ur problem mostly because all phones rigistered to the same CUCM if u have a phones rigister with CUCM and directly to the GK could works such as h323 devices which rigister directly to CUCM as device and with GK as well directly as endpoint with its own E.164 number

good luck

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