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gatekeepers and MGCP with CM5/6

Im looking at deploying a large network and I want to look at using a gatekeeper. im not completely familar with how the gatekeepers interact with CCM, but I understand the basics.

Typically, if were to have a centralized call processing model, my remote sites are SRST and MGCP gateways. CCM will handle the call processing from site to site using Translations, partitions, and CSSs.

With the gatekeeper involvoved, the call is pushed from the remote site to the gatekeeper and routed to which site it needs to go to. My question is, are the remote sites still MGCP with this config or does everything have to H323?


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Re: gatekeepers and MGCP with CM5/6

Hi, After having a read your email, let me give some knowledge.

If you want to control based centralized call control, you have to use MGCP. On the other hands, H.323 works as distributed call processing as end to end call.

Gatekeeper is one of optional H.323 and the role is to have a resolution Address.

Regarding your question, I think you have to register the gatekeeper to CCM, then configure dial-peer and zone prefix. Also you need to route pattern and call route setting on CCM so as to forward H.323 call to MGCP call.



Re: gatekeepers and MGCP with CM5/6

Thanks Criss. I think the time and place to use a gatekeeper is when you have more than 100 sites. After 100 sites, adding in all the RP and translation patterns between the sites gets pretty huge. The gatekeeper would help in routing that traffic then.

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