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Gatekeepers and tech prefix

I has a roll out whereby we will implement a single gatekeeper for IP/ E164 address resolution. Each remote site/ Cluster has a single site code e.g 712, 789, 734 etc used for both Voice and Video. Would you register two Gatekeeeper controlled trunks 1 x Voice , 1 x Video so you can have separate Tech-Preifx so we have different bandwidth control, codec etc for Voice and Video? thanks


Re: Gatekeepers and tech prefix

Any replies? Can I register two x GK trunks to the GK from the same CUCM 0 1 x Voice tech prefix 1#. 1 x video tech prefix 2#- what is the best way, I don`t really want different access codes

many thanks


Re: Gatekeepers and tech prefix

Some more info

I have a roll out soon with Gatekeeper involvement. Each of our sites use a site code to call each other at the moment it is purely voice however with Video we would like to maintain the same access, site codes but use Tech Prefix to distinguish between Voice and Video so we have different codecs , bandwidth for voice and video. Is it possible to register two gatekeeper trunks to the same Gatekeeper form the same CUCM

tech prefix x1# Voice

tech prefix 2# Video

At the moment the routing is based upon Zone prefix`s however with video being a different tech prefix how does it work ?

Site one

Site two

Zone prefix 123 site one

zone prefix 125 site two

Ideally the bandwidth control will be different for the two preifx`s - Voice , Video but the site codes are the same

Would you now cerate zone prefix`s to include the Tech Prefix or perhaps highlight and use the video prefix only to select the next hop ? We would use zone prefix to route to the other sites do you need to create two zone prefix for each of the tech prefix zone- do tech prefix play part in the zone prefix or do you use "hop off" to them ?

Zone prefix 1#123 site one

Zone prefix 2#123 site one

Zone prefix 1#125 site two

Zone prefix 2#'125 site two

gw-type-prefix 2# hopoff site two

or do we use tech-prefix hop off so to route to site two but assign different codec

many thanks

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