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Gatekeper issue

Hi all,

I'm beginner for  Cisco Voice technology.

I have problem with gatekeeper and CUCM.

CUCM --> Gatekeeper <-- gateway.

From sh gatekeeper endpoint, CUCM and gateways are registered.

Call from gateway (E.164) to gateway (E.164) via gatekeeper is successfull.

If I call from CUCM or to CUCM then the result is failed.

Ext number at CUCM (Using ATA device)    : 3xxxx

Ext number at gateway (E.164)                  : 3xxxx

My configuration :


zone local branch

zone prefix branch .....

no shutdown

Gateway :

interface Loopback0

ip address

h323-gateway voip interface

h323-gateway voip id branch ipaddr 1719

h323-gateway voip h323-id

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr


dial-peer voice 300 voip

destination-pattern .T

session target ras

tech-prefix 1#


Trunk to gatekeeper     : H.225 Trunk (Gatekeeper Controlled)

technology Prefix         : 1#

Route pattern              : 3xxxx

- If I call from CUCM or to CUCM then the result is failed.

- debug gatekeeper main 10 --> call from gateway (E.164) to CUCM :

Jan  2 10:17:44.910: //5105F7528170/5106937A8172/GK/rassrv_get_addrinfo: (1#55553) Matched tech-prefix 1#

Jan  2 10:17:44.910: //5105F7528170/5106937A8172/GK/rassrv_get_addrinfo: (1#55553) Matched zone prefix  and remainder 55553

Jan  2 10:17:44.910: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_rassrv_get_ingress_network: ARQ non-std ingress network = 1

Jan  2 10:17:44.910: //5105F7528170/5106937A8172/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: about to check the source side, src_zonep=0x49A20510

Jan  2 10:17:44.910: //5105F7528170/5106937A8172/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: matched zone is branch, and z_invianamelen=0

Jan  2 10:17:44.914: //5105F7528170/5106937A8172/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: about to check the destination side, dst_zonep=0x49A20510

Jan  5 10:17:44.914: //5105F7528170/5106937A8172/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: matched zone is branch, and z_outvianamelen=0

Are there any wrong configuration ?



Hall of Fame Super Silver

Gatekeper issue

Is there a reason you have the GK in between your GWs and CUCM?

I suggest you perform all routing with tech prefix, there are some good examples in SRND and CCO.



Gatekeper issue

The reason is because I have 20 gateways.

GK#sh gatekeeper gw



Prefix: 1#*

  Zone branch master gateway list: CUCM

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Gatekeper issue

Right, but your routing does not include the tech prefix.

Are the GWs all different phone systems, i.e. CME?  If they are all remote sites of off CUCM then why not register them all to it? You can have thousands of GWs on CUCM.


Gatekeper issue

Hi Chris

All GWs are routers (branches). All GWs registered at gatekeeper endpoints.

CUCM and remote sites have the same ext, start with 3xxxx.

Yes I can register all remote sites into CUCM. But how about remote sites? In six months, I will have 200 remote sites. My customer want to use only one dial-peer installed at all remote sites to make calls to all ext (CUCM and all remote sites).

Previously I add "gw-type-prefix 1# default-technology" at gatekeeper, But I still face the problem

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Gatekeper issue

I don't follow exactly, I have never seen such a design and I've been doing this since CM 3.1 days.  So, all remote locations are basically locations of off centralized CUCM deployment, yet you register them to GK rather than directly to CUCM?

How do you handle PSTN ingress and egress routing?

I don't follow how you minimize dial peer configuration, you should not need any dial peers on GW pointing to other remote locations as typically you would only have incoming PSTN calls arriving to the GW and those would simply need to be directed to CUCM (instead of GK).

I must be missing somthing here as the design puzzles me.

GK would be useful if you had multiple phone systems, i.e. few CUCM clusters, bunch of CMEs or other PBXes.


Gatekeper issue

Hi chris,

It's for VoIP implementation only. All GWs and CUCM are registered to GK.


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