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New Member

gateway and css


One single  router and single isdn line , now added one more router and another isdn line  

created a css named ' gateway_secondary ' and a partition created ' gateway_secondary ' and the partition added to the css  .

There are phones which is under partition called 'Primary_Partition ' 

I have added this 'Primary_Partition ' to the css  gateway_secondary .

created new DN and  assigned partition 'Primary_Partition '.But i cant dial this number from outside 



Cisco Employee

If the CSS for inbound calls

If the CSS for inbound calls on the gateway contains the partition of the IP phones to which you are trying to route the call, then it should be fine. The issue could be something else, like the number of significant digits ( called number ) that is being sent to the cucm. Make sure it is the same as the DN on the IP phone. You can check it by running a 'debug isdn q931' on the gateway and accordingly adjust the significant digits setting on the gateway page on cucm. If the issue still persists, get a 'debug isdn q931' output for a failed call to begin with. Also, depending on the gateway protocol please ensure that the correct dial-peer is in place in case its a new range of DID.



New Member

Hi Manish Thanks  for the

Hi Manish 

Thanks  for the reply , If the partition is set 'None' instead of 'Primary_Partition' , calls are working 

Cisco Employee

Thanks for confirming that.

Thanks for confirming that. Was the gateway reset after applying the new CSS? Try resetting it once. Also check for any unassigned / overlapping DN for the phone to which you are trying to route the call. A detailed callmanager trace is required if the issue persists.



New Member

HiThanks There was a



There was a translation pattern  , i changed the css on translation pattern . (the telco is sending only two digits)  My question  is  , the precedence  is the css of the  gateway ?.

Another question is , what all we consider when we create a css for the gateway ?


Thanks again for your help 

Hall of Fame Super Silver

You should only need one GW

You should only need one GW CSS for each remote site which includes partition of the phones and partition of local translations, i.e. if you need to prefix digits, etc. So, of you the existing CSS you had applied to the first GW should be used on the second gw.  As to precedence CUCM looks at all matching patterns across all partitions listed in the CSS, and selects the best match, if there are 2 identical patterns in different partitions then it looks at the order of the partitions within the CSS and selects the one listed first.  So, for example if the GW CSS has access to PT_1 and PT_2 and you have:

5XXX in PT_1

505X in PT_2

505X will always be matched first as it is a better (more explicit) match

If both patterns were 5XXX then the one in PT_1 would be selected.




New Member

Thanks Chris Sorry i did not

Thanks Chris


Sorry i did not understand the below part 

  1.  What is actually   partition of local translations  ? 
  2. "So, of you the existing CSS you had applied to the first GW should be used on the second gw. ". 

 In our case the did range is different  for each gateway 

Thanks again chris



Hall of Fame Super Silver

1. This would be partition

1. This would be partition listed only in the GW CSS that catches DID calls that need to be translated, for example assume telco sends you 4 digits, but you need to prefix more digits for your dial plan, you could do that directly on the GW or you could do this via TP on CUCM, since these 4 digits need to be only translated at the engross as otherwise they could overlap with other sites, you put them in this site specific partition.

2. Sorry, bad typo :-) I meant to state that the partition you had applied to the existing GW#1 could and should be used for the second (new) GW.


New Member

  HiThanks again , I think I




Thanks again , I think I could not  give you a clear picture of what have been done .

On the translation pattern  the css was set to none  ,when I change the  css on the translation pattern from none to ‘ gateway_secondary’ everything was ok.

My question why  when I applied the same css on the gateway, the call did not work


Please see the attached picture

Please help 

Hi.This because Translation


This because Translation Pattern need to be able to reach the DN contained in a particular partition after translation has be done. That partition should be contained in the CSS configured on the TP.


- Internal extension 100 is configured in partition Internal

- A CSS From_Gateway is configured as Inbound CSS on gateway configuration page and it contains Internal partition

-A Translation Pattern has been configured as 06555XXX and placed into From_Ext Partition.

- From_Ext partition should be added to From_Gateway CSS in order to be selected by CUCM when a call for that destination comes in

- External User dials 06555100 (where 100 is the internal extension to be reached)

-CUCM matches TP 06555XXX and translates it to 100 and look into CSS configured on TP in order to route the call to extension 100.


If CSS on TP was set to NONE , CUCM would not be able to route the call to Ext 100 because the partition Internal is NOT included on CSS "NONE".

So that's why we need to configure the right CSS on TP in order to a call to be routed to the right destination.



HTH and Hope it's clear :)









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New Member

Carlo  very clear , one more


 very clear , one more question :) . Inbound CSS on gateway and CSS on should be same or is it ok  as long as the partitions are same on both css. 

Second , When a TP or Route pattern triggered ?

For example : if anyone dial XX i just want to translate into 60XX . 

So i ll create a TP 60XX and assign the partition into their css , is that correct ?

Thanks a million :)



Hi.As long as CUCM looks into


As long as CUCM looks into partitions contained in selected CSS to find a match with dialed digits, Inbound CSS on GW and CSS selected on TP could be different.

A route pattern or translation pattern is a sequence of digits with a variable length that the CUCM to route to matched destination.

So if you have a route pattern Eg. 065559XX and a Translation Pattern 066669XX in the same or different partitions and these partitions are contained in the CSS assigned to your line, and if you dial 06555911 CUCM matches the route pattern and routes the call to the configured gateway or route list.

If you want to translate a dialed number, you can do it in different ways.

Assuming your example you can configure a route pattern within a pratition contained in your CSS with XX in route pattern field and with 60 as prefix digits in called party transform mask section.


In the same way you can configure a Translation Pattern within a pratition contained in your CSS with Translation Pattern field XX and 60XX as called party transform mask. what you have to be sure in translation pattern is that the selected CSS contains a partition which contains a valid route to 60XX.

You can check it via "Call Routing" ---> "Route Plan Report" 







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