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Gateway CSS issue

I am having an issue with landing and inbound call through MGCP gateway to IP Phone that belongs to a partition 1ST-PT:

PSTN->E1->2811->MGCP->CUCM 7.0.1->IP Phone

1) As soon as I take out IP Phone from it's partition into <none>, inbound call lands just fine

2) If I put it back into 1ST-PT partition which is part of GW-CSS, while GW-CSS is assigned to MGCP E1 Port, it fails

3) Other IP phones behave correctly towards this partition - they can call it internally as soon as their CSS contains 1ST-PT

4) Assigning ALL-CSS (contains all partitions) to MGCP E1 Port does not help either

It seems as if GW-CSS does not get assigned to MGCP E1 Port, so it can never find a phone in 1ST-PT. I even restarted the cluster to no avail.

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Gateway CSS issue

So, what parition is the DN you are trying to reach in?

Is there another pattern that may cause overlap?

Have you tried looking through Dialed Number Analyzer for clues?


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Gateway CSS issue

DN is in 1ST-PT, 1ST-PT is in GW-CSS, and MGCP E1 Port is attached to GW-CSS. DN Analyzer shows that everything is fine and that DN should be matched with inbound call. I could not find any overlaps, overall config is very small.

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Gateway CSS issue

You will need to look trhough ccm SDI traces to see for sure what is happening.

Another thing to check is database replication between the servers to ensure there is no issue there.


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Re: Gateway CSS issue

It seems I found the issue. MGCP E1 Port configuration does not take any changes for CSS even if I restart/reset the gateway from the same page, so gateway remained all the time in CSS = , and was able to reach only phones outside all partitions. Shutting down serial 0/0/0:15 did not help either, but shutting down controller E1 finally kicked the change in. Also, selecting this gateway and resetting it from "gateways" page seems to work.

The issue seems to be with reset/restart button on the same page where CSS is configured. I can definitely see that nothing is happening now that I know what it looks like when reset goes through from "gateways" page. Anyway, this is old base version of CUCM, so I am not surprised to run into issues like this.

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